It all began in Poland, when Dominika was very young. Being the daughter to talented artists, her eye was trained to the importance of beauty, to notice details and to be free.
During her teens she became intrigued by what hair could do and the forms it could take. Dominika learned the importance of finding an authentic personality in each look through doing her own and her friends' hair and makeup.
Since youth she knew she wanted to be  a workaholic,  to create a life out of a career like her parents did. 
After a nurturing move to take psychology at UNBC, she moved back home to realize her fervour for hair at Scientific Marvel.

Dominika has a passion for learning. To stay on top of latest trends and techniques, she has taken well over 10,000 hours of online and personal training, including advanced academies like Sassoon in Toronto, L'Oreal in Paris, and Toni & Guy in NYC. She has gone to conventions in NYC, Chicago, London, Miami, across Canada and many more..  Endless hours are spent researching what the world is doing. Not only in terms of fashion, but in economic, political and social structures. Her belief is that it's all related.

As a person, Dominika is an energetic yet patient person, setting  goals fighting to reach them. A passionate person that loves mixing human nature, knowledge of cosmetology and psychology with what she sees in the world.
She thrives in the adaptation process; working with a client, photographer, or artist to come up with a personalized idea for the project at hand.

Simply put, she is  happiest growing in what she does.